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Tradesmen Direct

Tradesmen Direct began in 2021 by seeing and then filling the cyclical labor needs to oil and gas service companies in the United States. We started by providing MWD hands and directional drillers to now we provide quality contract tradesmen in all areas of the oil and gas extraction process, including water transfer hands, roustabouts, flowback hands and more. The experience of our team and the network which has been created through Crescent Consulting and CVM Management allowed us to found Tradesmen Direct. And through Tradesmen Direct, we will continue to provide the expected and principled qualities our companies are known for.

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Built On Experience

Our team knows the oil and gas industry with several team members having actual industry experience, so when we say we know the industry, we truly do. Our contacts extend deep in the industry and our team is highly qualified in finding capable, reputable, and dependable placements for our customers. And on the flip side, when we find a capable, reputable, and dependable contractor, we will work hard to earn trust and build a long-lasting relationship with the contractor.

Service Offerings

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Crescent Consulting

Crescent Consulting strives to provide quality contract supervision and other contract persons to oil and gas companies across the United States. We provide all types of contract specialists which include, but not limited to:

  • Drilling Consultants
  • Completion Consultants
  • Production Consultants
  • Workover Consultants
  • Construction Consultants
  • Landman Consultants

Chief Services

Chief Services is an employment agency who seeks top talent for our upstream oil and gas customers who require well-site supervisors or other positions to be employees. These positions can include, but not limited to:

  • Drilling Supervisor
  • Completion Supervisor
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Drilling Superintendent
  • Completion Superintendent

CVM Management

CVM Management provides project management to our clients on drilling, completion and work-over projects which include:

  • Drilling Well Design
  • Completion Well Design
  • AFE Preparation
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Operations Enhancement and Management
  • Land, Water, and Construction Management
  • Procurement and Vendor Management Services
  • Regulatory Management (Local, State, Federal Compliance)

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